Saturday, August 25, 2012

a year in... the animal farm...

Three days from now, it will be back to the normal toll of life.

However, I had nearly a month of being away from Malaysia. It was good!

Once upon a time, travelling and holidays were just to be able to list down places I have been and things I have done.  Now I just want to treasure, enjoy and gaze in amazement on nature's beauty!

I did manage to re-read Animal Farm by George Orwell.   It was an intention 're-read' as I need to be reminded!

Politics are rampant - even in a learning environment.  Perhaps one can't run away from the 'ambitions and envy' of the young;  trying to establish themselves or hang on to what one thinks one has or is entitled to!  Does not one realise that tides, will rise up and/or ebb away too?    Well,  I saw quite a few in the last year and definitely at the numerous sea side towns visited.

Love the love reciprocrated from the children!  So satisfactory when one sees the response and hunger from children who wants to know more!   So touching when a child loan me a DVD, that his parent bought, out of the child's interest in the subject.  Such an honour when one was given a book on what was taught!  Was at a loss of words when a child had tears in her eyes when she said - ' I studied so hard, and yet did not get an A'! End of the day -  I had a lot of closure!  That was good! 

The new school year will bring a lot more surprises!  More things for me to learn!

I trust my Lord will walk before me and guid me! Amen!